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Elizabeth Houghton

Born and educated in England, Liz arrived in the US alone one Sunday afternoon and has lived in PA, CO, GA and now California.

After more than 20 years in Corporate America she became a Realtor.

More About Elizabeth & Our Story

Liz has been a professional, full time Realtor now for more than 14 years, following a long career in Corporate America. She has successfully helped clients buy, sell and invest in real estate and has bought, fixed and flipped more than a few properties herself.

Born and educated in England, Liz came to America alone one Sunday afternoon in April of 1981 and has lived in CA, GA, PA and CO since then.

After many years in Corporate America she started and built a successful Marketing Consulting firm based in Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay Area. Her clients included HP, Adobe, Apple Computer, VISX, Allergan, Pacific Bell, McAfee and other companies in the medical instrumentation, telecommunication, and high-tech arenas.

During these years she began buying, renovating and re-selling properties. Not only were her chosen projects successful, she loved it.

So, when the tragic events of September 11, 2001 devastated her business it seemed natural to reinvent herself in the real estate industry.

Then, after about a decade as a Realtor Elizabeth decided to use her marketing consulting skills to become her own client and develop a business model that would allow her to focus on helping older homeowners, because she had discovered over the years she most enjoyed.

Combining her experience in home staging, flipping and renovating homes, with her knowledge of the moving industry and also adding her project management skills she launched DownSizing Management and then later, Real Estate & Probate Service.

DownSizing Management is a firm that helps mature homeowners, families and caregivers with their home sale and purchase needs while also providing a “one call solution” for many of the things that may be required prior to actually selling the homes of older clients.

From estate sales, landscaping, minor cosmetic updates to age-in-place remodels, through contract negotiation, packing, moving, unpacking to furniture selection and placement in a smaller home Liz and her team can handle as much or as little as you like.

It was a natural progression to transition into the Probate field because many of the same skills and services are needed in order to provide a one call solution for families during a difficult time.

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