All You Need to Know About Our 

Home Selling Platform

Our proprietary on-line marketing and sales system is a hybrid between a live real estate auction and a traditional real estate sale. 

It is not the type of auction where buyers have to be all in one place at one time and bid for the property they want while trying to understand what an auctioneer is saying.

It is an on-line bidding "auction" platform.

We believe this process works better than any other method to buy and sell a home in ANY market and no matter what the condition of the property. It is completely transparent to buyers and sellers with much less frustration and delay.

The offers are placed on line and every bidder can see exactly what everyone else is bidding.

No more multiple offers with sellers seeking “highest and best offers” and buyers not knowing what to offer or worst yet, feeling they have paid too much for the home. Buyers see EXACTLY what is being offered and can decide how much they are willing to pay. The offers/bids are in $1,000 increments.

Unlike traditional Real Estate Auctions, where buyers often have to go in to escrow without being able to preview the home our Platform is simply a better way because at the end of the bidding process, the buyer will proceed with a standard Purchase Agreement, with all  contingencies and inspection time frames in place.

The whole process is transparent and convenient, which is why sellers and buyers love it once they get their heads around it!

The reality is that anyone wishing to sell a home benefits in many ways by using our system. But when coping with one of the more stressful and distressing events that can happen  during a lifetime such as selling a property after the loss of a loved one, this way of selling can be even more beneficial because the sale can be handled quickly and efficiently on this platform.

Families facing probate can find it challenging to reach agreement between siblings and/or heirs and having the ability to sell a property without paying a commission can solve more than a few of those challenges.

So, whatever your situation, give us a call and let's get started by sitting down for 30 minutes or so and explaining how everything works.

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