What our customers are saying

"After 30 years in the same home filled with our belongings - my husband and I were moving to a senior living community in Oklahoma City to be closer to our Son.

Liz Houghton was referred to us by the new place in OKC, and after meeting her, we decided to have her represent us in the sale of our home. It turned out to be a complicated transaction due to foundation issues with the house - and she successfully negotiated a solution for everyone and coordinated the foundation work, an estate sale, all the packing, the closing and the move, so as not to miss our target move in date.

She project managed everything for us! And, all that extra work on top of selling the house was done at no additional charge. Liz helped us take everything one day at a time. She even had her own crew pack everything and drive the truck to OKC where they placed our furniture according to the prepared floorplan - and unpacked for us. They were very nice guys and it was comforting to see the same faces at the other end to help us get a little settled.

We would recommend Liz and her team to anyone moving into a senior community or just to another home more suited to the next phase of life. She will get the job done for you and reduce your stress!"

                                                                   Jack & Doris Lawson, OKC

What our clients have said about us .....

When I met Elizabeth, I was relocating to be close to my soon to be ex-husband. We had 2 children and as part of our divorce agreement I moved with him to his new job so he could see the kids regularly. English is not my first language and I had never lived in this country alone before and certainly had no idea how to go about finding the right home for myself and my children, how to make an offer - or really even where to start. Elizabeth was so patient with me and my indecision. She helped research schools for the kids, one of whom is hearing impaired, and even helped me unpack when our things arrived from out of state. I don't know what we would have done without her and now several years on, the kids are out of the house and I decided to move downtown to be closer to work opportunities for me. Elizabeth found me a newly renovated condo - with space for the kids to visit - and helped sell the home she had found for us when we first arrived from New Jersey.


Elizabeth really listened to what I said I wanted in my new home. And the next day she showed me a place that had everything on my list. I couldn't believe it would be that easy so she patiently showed me several other places over the course of the next week. As I grew to know Elizabeth as she helped me find a lender and work out what furniture I could keep with me moving into a much smaller place I learned that it had only seemed easy because she apparently looked at everything that was on the market and knew where to find just the right home. I'll never buy another house without her - and you shouldn't either...

~ Roberta T.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

I hadn't had a good experience with realtors and was trying to sell my home myself when I met Liz. She came to see my home for a Buyer she was helping. After that first meeting I called her several times with questions and she answered them all - without pressuring me to list the house with her. 

After several weeks without an offer on my house I called Liz She helped me take care of a few things around the house including moving furniture - which she called re-design. I had 2 big dogs and Liz went over to walk them whenever there was a showing . 

She sold it within a week for the full asking price - which was more than I had been trying to get for it selling it myself. She found me the perfect home in the area I wanted so when, 18 months later I was transferred 200 miles away for my job - she even took a road trip with me to find my new place. And she drove all that way a second time to attend the home inspection. And oh, BTW, she sold my house at a profit. WOW. Alison K

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC